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D I R E C T I O N . G R A P H I C D E S I G N

Every summer, thousands of public transportation riders face the intense Las Vegas heat during their daily commute. This, however, raises concerns over very real health threats due to prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures: heat stroke, exhaustion, dehydration, and skin damage. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada aimed to bring awareness of these risks via an outdoor campaign, promoting safe travel tips and tools for its customers. The campaign was modeled after vintage propaganda posters, featuring models going to exaggerated measures to combat the heat. Creative executions included several bus shelter duratrans, bus & shuttle wraps, and social media posts.
Tools & Programs
Photoshop, Illustrator
*See below for additional credits
Additional Credit: 
​​​​​​​Ryan Meyers / Copywriter
Nichole Christensen / Account Executive
Monica Vanyo / Account Director

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